Genova for Yachting was formally established on the 25th June 2018.

Genova for Yachting is the Genoese professional nautical cluster bringing together companies that express Italian knowhow in the international yachting sector.

The sector includes marinas, shipyards, services, specialised activities and technologies and other professionals, all operating at an extremely high competitive level.

GENOVA FOR YACHTING is an association that was created with the intention of gathering together and representing the cluster of companies working in the professional nautical field in Genoa, in particular in order to:

Promote and inform regarding the group’s beneficial effects on the city and the surrounding area.

Gather data regarding the value of the Genoese sector, expressed in terms of turnover and in terms of the presence of yachts undergoing works or berthed, presenting them both to national and local institutions on a regular basis.

Actively participate as an industry sector in the citizens’ debate regarding the area development.

Become the point of reference for a sector important for the city’s economy and which has characteristics of sustainability.

Promote the city of Genoa as a hub for international yachting.

Consolidate Genoa and its port as a centre of world excellence for the yachting industry.

  • We are developing synergies with the Genoa Municipality in order to cooperate in a structured and organized way over time, in particular regarding important issues such as training, sustainability and employment.
  • We are starting up partnerships with Universities in order to initialise high level academic training projects for the upcoming generations and hand down highly skilled professions.
  • Data collection and subsequent presentation of an analysis of certified and objective data regarding the sector companies and the turnover induced by them in the local area.
  • Widening of the association in order to include more and more Genoese companies operating the professional yachting sector.

The presidency and the secretariat are at your disposal to supply information – you can write to us at

A company requesting membership must have its headquarters and operate in the territory of Genoa Municipality.

There are also requirements connected to the relevant target market and the longevity and health of the business.

Professional yachting must represent the main activity or otherwise be extremely significant.


Via dei Pescatori, lato ponente – 16128 Genoa (GE) Italy

+39 335 7166015


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