Amico & Co shipyard through its sister company Amico Servizi Srl, offers a range of hospitality and concierge services to assist captains and crew during their shipyard stay in Genoa.

Amico Servizi Srl has a highly qualified concierge department where the skilled personnel handle all kinds of customer requests, which may include hotel, B&B and apartment accommodation, useful info about the local area, transportation info, car, scooter and minibus rental, transportation and storage of containers, laundry services, moorings, dining and bookings, event tickets and reservation and private flights.

The company is located on the same floor of Amico & Co new offices, exactly on the west side and also produces and deals in Samgrit and also commercialises the propeller coating product Propspeed.

More info:

Amico Servizi Srl

Via dei Pescatori
16128 Genoa – ITALY

+39 010 2530049


Via dei Pescatori, lato ponente – 16128 Genoa (GE) Italy

+39 335 7166015


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