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Studio Piana Illuzzi Queirolo e Trabattoni

The Firm was founded in Genoa in the 1950s by Carmelo Panella, a lawyer specialized in tax and commercial law and one of the best-known and most highly-rated consultants in his city. The present partners of the Firm have grown professionally with him.

The Firm is the result of two characterizing and complementary elements: a long family tradition in the economic-legal practice and a strong focus on innovations and on the market in which the Firm’s clients operate. The Firm has gradually developed, responding to the needs and requirements of a high-level clientele and oriented to accept the challenges of internationalization and globalization.

Most of the Firm’s clients operate in shipping, energy, high technology, telecommunications, insurance, finance, construction, commercial yachting and non-profit, fields in which the Firm has developed specific competence and skills. In addition, the Firm has continued and continues to provide assistance and advice to individuals.

The professional network in which the Firm participates allow clients to benefit, even indirectly, from assistance and consultancy for all the main needs in business, legal and tax matters, both nationally and internationally.

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