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Ship & Crew Services Srl

The passion for the sea and a solid experience are the elements that drove Carolina and Michela to establish SCS in 2003, thank also to the extensive market knowledge of the maritime industry and the solid experience of their father, Admiral Sergio Villa.

Founded as a service agency for the crew, SCS is now a full-service yachting company, with a young and dynamic team of experts ready to assist Owners, Charterers, Yacht Managers and Captains for all their requirements.

Whether your require assistance in Yacht & Crew Management, Brokerage, Shore Based Services, our team will handle your requirements with the highest level of services, professionalism and discretion.

Our main area of expertise are:

  • Port Agency in Genoa, Portofino & Santa Margherita
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Ownership Structure.

Our knowledge of the local regulations and the wide range of services give you the necessary support to a safe navigation through the ports of the Mediterranean.

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