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O.A.G.S. Scarl

O.A.G.S is a Cooperative Consultancy Company, established in Genoa in 2007, our goal is to make the multidisciplinary skills of our staff available to companies. In particular, O.A.G.S specializes in occupational safety and health, in the maintenance of Active and Passive Fire Fighting Systems, in the development of management systems. The O.A.G.S staff, composed of certified professionals and accredited teachers in the Country, teaches specific topics.

Today, being competitive means not only having a high quality of products and services capable of leading the market, but also having socially responsible behavior by implementing improvements in the field of health and safety in the workplace and respecting the environment. The OAGS Cooperative Company, with its organization, team work, dynamic environment, quality and specific professionalism of its technicians, is able to rapidly manage the continuous changes of technologies, regulations and business needs, thus providing a complete customer assistance and consultancy service.

The consultancy activities are aimed at achieving concrete objectives while promoting an improvement in the organization and in the productivity of businesses. Our commitment is to guarantee the customer a single point of contact to respond adequately and promptly to specific problems, guaranteeing the support of highly specialized professionals.

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