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Imagemotti sas di Martino Motti e C.

Commitment, enthusiasm, passion, fairness and a natural predisposition to discretion are the fuel of my profession as a photographer and artist oriented towards the client and his needs.

The pursuit of excellence, the exaltation of beauty and the spirit of innovation are the basis of my work.

Over 30 years of professional photographic experience in various sectors result in a rich and eclectic photographic “culture”: a value in which to invest with confidence and tranquility.

On commission I perform professional photographic services of boats, yachts and superyachts for shipyards, captains, brokers, charter companies and owners. I photograph yachts indoors, outdoors, while sailing and from a helicopter or drone, aiming for the spectacularity of the images and the optimal rendering of the reality of the environments.

Equally serious and prepared external collaborators allow me to offer videos, drones, graphics, book and web production, for a professional and turnkey service

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