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Dott.ssa Cinzia Farinetti

Graduated in Economics and Commerce, qualified as a Chartered Accountant and Auditor, she works as a tax and tax consultant with a studio in Genoa.

She has participated in various professional refresher courses and seminars in tax matters and, starting from 2011, she has specialized in nautical taxation both in the sector of large commercial yachts and private yachts, soon becoming a reference professional in this field. matter.

She is a member of the Study Commission of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Genoa in the field of indirect taxes and has participated in the tax study events organized at the last Genoa Boat Shows and in public and private events as a speaker.

She writes for Il Giornale di Bordo, the editorial of “Il Giornale” specializing in the nautical world and for LexTrasporti, an online legal magazine in the shipping, logistics, transport, insurance and yachting sectors.

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