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Cooperativa Steel Works Srl

Cooperativa Steel Works develops its work mainly in the field of boating and ship repairs with the production of completely custom products on specific request from the design phase to that of construction and assembly.

The headquarters are located in Genoa near the port of Genoa and the structure is developed in a shed of about 700 square meters; the main features are modern facilities, skilled labor, cutting-edge solutions and innovative equipment, which is why we enter the naval outfitting market as one of the most important companies at a regional, national and international level.

Our products include all processes, carpentry and components for the nautical and cruise ship market, making use of the experience of the company’s partners who have been operating in the naval sector for more than 20 years and coming from companies such as the company. Precetti, Working Steel, Leveroni, Nautical Technical Equipment and Nautical Steel.

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