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Amico & Co Srl

Amico & Co is one of the leading global superyacht maintenance, repair and refit shipyards, with 28 years of established reputation and 90 per cent return business.

Megayacht capability facilities include four dry docks <170m LOA, including 102m and 90m state-of-the-art covered dry docks with 31m airdraft – the larger has a telescopic roof with sections that open consenting exterior cranage.

The yard has 12 on-hard covered refit areas, keel pit and a <140m berth technical marina with >500m linear docking space, including multiple 60-100m alongside spots with open sea access for easier manoeuvring. Hauling via 835t/320t travel lifts; 4,000t shiplift opening in winter 2019.

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