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Acier Steel Srl

Acier Steel is a leading company in the medium-light naval carpentry sector: maintenance, repair and refurbishment of mega-yachts.

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us being in the forefront as regards to the manufacturing and installation of structures made of stainless steel, aluminium, iron and cupronickel.

At our shops, we perform water cutting (with a water jet system) on every type of material, as well as iron, stainless steel and aluminium cutting (with oxyacetylene/plasma pantograph).

We manufacture and install auxiliary systems for engines, fire-fighting systems and utility systems.
We also perform superficial treatment for the protection and finishing of structures.

Experience, innovation and highly qualified personnel are our strengths.

Light metal carpentry and tubing

The core business of Acier Steel consists in carpentry and piping in the nautical sector. We build metal parts (structural and not), maintenance and modifications of structures and systems

We are also active in the civil and industrial sectors with the following activities:

  • carpentry in stainless steel, iron and aluminum;
  • production of gas exhaust pipes for engines, fixtures, supports and bases, arrangement of devices, installation of anti-vibration mounts and water systems (white / black water, sea cocks, drains) in stainless steel, iron, cupronickel, aluminum, PVC and pressfittings;
  • stainless steel polishing and satin finishing;
  • surface treatments: sandblasting, priming, hot dip galvanizing, painting, pvd

Our welders are RINA licensed.

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