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The Genova for Yachting Association was formally established on 25 June 2018.

Genova for Yachting is the Genoese professional yachting cluster that brings together companies operating in the sectors of Marine, Shipyards, Services, Specialized Activities and Technologies, Professionals, an expression of Italian know-how in an international sector with a very high level of competition.

Genova for Yachting is an Association created with the aim of bringing together and representing the professional yachting cluster in Genoa.

In particular for:

  • Promote and make known the positive effects of the group on the city and the territory.
  • Collect data on the value of the Genoese sector expressed in turnover, presence of yachts at work and at mooring and present them periodically to the institutions.
  • Actively participate as a sector in the citizen debate on the development of the territory.
  • Becoming a point of reference for an important sector for the city economy, which has characteristics of sustainability.
  • Promote Genoa as a hub for international yachting.
  • Consolidate Genoa and its port as a world center of excellence for the nautical sector.

We are developing synergies with the Municipality of Genoa to structure an organized and lasting collaboration over time, in terms of training, sustainability, employment.

We are activating collaborations with universities to start higher education projects for the new generations and pass on highly specialized professions.

Collect and present an analysis of certified and objective data relating to companies in the sector and their related activities in the area.
Expanding the Association to include more and more Genoese realities of the professional yachting sector.

The presidency and the secretariat are available to provide material and information. You can write to us at

The applicant company must be based and operate in the Genoese territory. Requirements related to the reference market and the duration and solidity of the activity are required.

Professional yachting must represent the main or in any case significant activity.

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