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D-Visa for Extra-EU seafarers: how it works and how to obtain it

Here below some bullet points to recap the current Italian D visa situation:

  • All extra-Eu seafarers (also the ones working on non-Italian flagged yachts) can apply for a long-term entry visa (D)
  • The request can be forwarded if the seafarer will work on board of a yacht that is supposed to stay for more than 90days in Italy (marinas, shipyard, etc) or within Italian waters
  • By applying for this visa, the non-EU seafarer are able to obtain a multiple entry visa for Italy for a max of 365-days
  • The D visa possessor is automatically entitled to circulate in other Schengen country for a period of 90 days (within 180). In other words by obtaining a D visa, the seafarer automatically gets also the well-known C visa
  • The visa can be requested in any Italian Embassy/Consulate which is entitled to issue visas, irrespective of the country of residence of the seafarer

The Italian Foreign Ministry has issued a formal list of documents required to obtain the D visa:

  1. A formal written request directly from the shipping company and/or owner of the vessel, which must include information such as the name of the vessel, type of work and/or activities to be carried out, date of port arrival and embarkation of the seafarer;
  2. Copy of the employment contract between the owner of the vessel and seafarer;
  3. Copy of the agreement between the two parties, in the event that the seafarer is a subcontractor and not a direct employee of the shipping company and/or owner of the vessel;
  4. Italian/International Certificate of registration of the vessel;
  5. Communication from the harbour master’s office (Capitaneria di Porto) confirming the date of arrival and the mooring period of the vessel in the port.

Nevertheless, we have practical evidences that different Consulates may require extra documents. Local Yacht Agents may be aware of different procedures and may suggest easiest option on a case by case basis.

For your reference, Genova for Yachting Yacht Agencies have already help crew to obtain D visas in the following countries:

  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • Philippines
  • Great Britain
  • Germany
  • Switzerland

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